Argument Acrimonious


No you don’t, George Michael, you most certainly don’t. With hindsight, we all know you are actually addressing men and talking about sex,  not gender; honestly, I can’t see how any man, sound and sane, would trade his balls for ovaries. Allow me to elaborate so you don’t mistake me for another misogynist.

Since the 4th of May, all cases of sexual harassment have been dropped due to a decision by French Constitutional Council, which left over 32 million women (INSEE figure) in a legal vacuum. Needless to say that out of the 11 members of the Constitutional Council, only 2 are women. A positive outcome of the new bill is the wider definition of harassment. An improvement counter-balanced by the fact that repeated harassment is less sanctionned than occasional one.  And so it goes, my dear DSK, don’t worry; you can continue grabbing bums  (God be blessed for giving you two hands!) – it will not be too costly – considering the looming expensive divorce.

Besides, forget about having to take to the couch to get the job. Your CV picture still has the overruling power over qualifications; women get leg extensions in some countries to ensure themselves a position.  Most CEOs are too smart – or scared – to express themselves that bluntly. Instead, power abuse has become the extension of their penis. If they can’t get you down on your knees their way, they will manage somehow. And that is where the (high heeled) shoe pinches. How can you prove that constant criticism, work overload, and overall unfair treatment arises from sexual frustration?  We might be far from the time when the only jobs women could aspire to were typist, nurse, or housewife, but certain things haven’t changed.

When discussing that with some men I am always mesmerised by how naturally they answer: “Of course it does not change, “dear”, it’s a man’s nature; there is nothing you can do about it!” or the more diplomatic: “Well, you know, in a company, your employees represent your business; so the better they look, the more positive the image you spread”.

2012 and we still need to legislate to keep men’s hands off their employees’ bums. How bad an image doesn’t that give of men?  Are they stuck in an evolutionary vacuum where only the size of their belly grows over time? No, I refuse to believe that. So, please men, stop making lame excuses like “men have an extreme appetite for sex and power” or  “hunting is part of men’s nature”for yourselves. It does not help anyone. They don’t serve your cause from the one hand, and, on the other, they are doing the harassers a favor; you are perpetuating the situation.

Don’t worry, I have some for women, too

Society has been repressing women’s sexuality for centuries now, and when finally broke of the taboo chains, some women managed making fools out of themselves and sustain all gender stereotypes (If you don’t know what am I talking about, here’s a link to MTV’s website, for a starter). Shaking our bums  in tiny bikinis, or wearing a full head-on hijab, will help us attract men’s attention. But then, again, I wonder why do we want it so badly? Were all these girls lacking their father’s attention when they were growing up, and now they are trying to compensate for it? Is it a man-made conspiracy to debilitate and dominate women again? Or do women just take pleasure in ruining centuries of efforts that aimed at having women taken seriously?

See guys, I tried not to blame it all on you. I deeply believe that – too many women use and abuse their seductive powers to obtain what they want, especially in work-related environments.And, by the way, I want to thank them for not realising that they actually ruin it for other women who would just like to do their job. But, honestly, aren’t we all, men and women, mature enough to set aside our libidos for at least eight hours a day? Can’t we just show enough respect to each other and our respective genders, and start acting as colleagues?

Apparently not, if we still need legislation to prevent harassment. Apparently not if only women reacted upon the new bill.

Apparently not if men were not shocked that some of their fellows still behave badly enough for laws to be implemented.

And, no, no sexual harassment was used to conceive this article.  By the way, I wrote it with the help of a dear male friend who happens to be an other collateral victims of women abusing their looks and men abusing their position.

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