Say NO to holidays!

There is something strikingly strange about people’s fascination for holidays. It’s like the frenzy prior to Saturday night. The day after tends to strike us with its blandness, leaving us nauseous and slightly dispirited. For me hangovers compare to holiday returns, minus the bad breath and the urge for burgers. Everything seems tasteless, colours are either … Continue reading

Argument Acrimonious

. No you don’t, George Michael, you most certainly don’t. With hindsight, we all know you are actually addressing men and talking about sex,  not gender; honestly, I can’t see how any man, sound and sane, would trade his balls for ovaries. Allow me to elaborate so you don’t mistake me for another misogynist. Since the … Continue reading

Bonjour Monsieur, non mon nom n’est ni “Sale pute” ni “Connasse”. Vous, je vous reconnais en revanche: ç’est “Frustré”, c’est ça?

“Femme de la rue”. Entre les commentaires ulcérés d’aucuns sur le fait que le terme “allophone”ait été employé, ceux qui nient complètement la véracité du reportage et les sombres connes qui louent “leur soeurs islamistes” qui portent le voile et sont si pudiques, elles…A tous ceux-là je dis: Allez vous balader déguisés en femme ou … Continue reading

Tombeau de la culture

“Après les mausolées de saints, Ansar Eddine avait menacé ce week-end de s’en prendre aux mosquées de la ville, affirmant agir ainsi “au nom de Dieu” et en représailles à la décision de l’Unesco, le 28 juin, d’inscrire Tombouctou sur la liste du patrimoine mondial en péril. ” Le Monde. Où est la logique? Démontrer … Continue reading

By the time I’m 29 and 2 days…

…I will have gotten the feeling of being a useless chicken brain. Not only does my body make me feel like I’m 65 after yesterday’s (amazing) water trekking but after only one class at the Summer School of Global Politcs I also feel like it’s too late for me: too late for me to catch … Continue reading

By the time I’m 30…

…my mini bucket list. I’ll start from the easiest ones, In case people don’t have the courage to read it through, no-one will hold it against me if I don’t manage meeting Obama and stuff like that -SORT all the garbage. Sounds like a detail but it’s actually a question of inverted psychology (and good … Continue reading

Demonstration against Putin in Amman

“Putin go home” said the sign held by one of the 30 people who had gathered in front of the Russian embassy in Amman last night. Different organisations and activists demonstrated to denounce Putin’s policy toward the Syrian war and the ambiguous position of the Jordanian government. Putin’s visit to King Abdallah II of Jordan … Continue reading